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In a beautiful natural environment dominated by dense fir forests, surrounded by mountains Evrytanika and just 5 km from the center of Karpenisi Karpenisi Center Preparation Athletes. It was inaugurated in 2002 and was created for the needs of the Olympic Games of 2004.

Its geographical location, with an altitude of about 900m, pure oxygen, climatic conditions prevailing during the summer season and modern facilities make it one of the most comprehensive athletic preparation center of our country which can be compared to high European level.

With the above comparative advantages, it is only by chance that they are systematically visiting large football teams of the Super League, as well as leading basketball teams such as our national team and the "eternal" OPHP and PAO, for their basic preparation. Some Olympic and Pan-Hellenic champions, either individually or with their clubs, are part of the preparation of the track.

The sports center except the people who seriously engaged in sports visit the large number of people from the surrounding area and visitors to stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Karpenisi Athletics Training Center includes the following facilities, which are divided into open and closed spaces.

Open space facilities:
Two football pitches of which one with 1500 people and stands 400m track with eight lanes and the other track 400 with six lanes.
Casting court.
Three basketball courts.
Two tennis courts.
Two volleyball courts.
Two handball courts.
Jogging path 2 km long.

Indoor facilities:
Closed coach
Includes a hall that can accommodate basketball, volleyball and handball matches, three wrestlers, boxing, weightlifting and judo, straight three-way track course 80m, two fitness halls, a sauna, a physiotherapy room, a medical ergometric center, changing rooms and offices federations.
Administration, education and leisure building
Includes the administration desk, seminar room, library and lounge with bar and lounge.
Building of changing rooms
Includes, in addition to the changing rooms, a reception and a canteen.
Heat building
Includes changing rooms and a canteen.